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  Cathedral Bible College was originally founded as Tabernacle Bible Institute in 1975, by Dr. R. Wayne Miller of the Florence Tabernacle Church in Florence, South Carolina, U.S.A. From its humble beginning in the facilities of the Tabernacle Church, Cathedral Bible College has grown into a religious, educational and academic institution that has gained the respect of many other similar colleges and universities. The past 30+ years have seen the school survive and grow through many adversities as well as triumphs.
     President and Founder, R. Wayne Miller, D.D., and D.C.E., and the Board of Trustees and Advisors, composed of laymen and ministers from various states and foreign countries, have guided the school through constant growth that has produced abundant fruit “meet for the Master’s use.”
     Thousands have studied God’s Word with the faculty of CBC and over one thousand have graduated and are now ministering not only in the U.S. and many foreign countries, but in many different denominations and many different types of ministry.
      A number of students have continued their studies at other institutions, leading to Masters and Doctor degrees.
      In July of 1995 the trustees of Cathedral Bible College relocated the college to the Grand Strand of South Carolina on a new campus.
      In the fall of 2012, CBC purchased a new campus in Marion, SC of 9 acres and approximate 140,000 sq ft of building. The beautiful new campus opened in January 2013 and the staff and the faculty and the students moved to the new campus. An extension at the Myrtle Beach Campus was retained for American and Veteran Affairs Students.
      Graduates of CBC formed the Apostolic Christian Churches International, in 1988 to provide ordination and spiritual oversight to graduates who do not affiliate with another recognized religious body. In 2008 the organization was changed to The Restoration Fellowship of Christian Churches and Ministers, International.